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Pixel group picture
So I was bored and took one of the pictures I made during Photography and made a pixel version of it. 
Also I made them blink..
The end. 
(original picture: Untitled)
Vinyl's new hair by Lulu-Fong
Vinyl's new hair
So a million years ago I drew this drawing of filly Vinyl Scratch with super fancy hair about to cut it. After that I drew a few things with the same idea. (family photo, short comic)

And now I have drawn the reaction of the mother as she sees that her child has cut her own hair. 
Hope you like it and please tell me what you think :) 

Previous Vinyl Scratch drawings:
filly Vinyl Scratch
Vinyl's family picture
This will teach Them!
Labrat by Lulu-Fong
A drawing of Doug Rattmann as an actual rat.. 
I don't know why, just had the idea and thought why not. 
Hope you like it and please tell me what you think. 


Lulu-Fong's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
So... My name is lulu
I'm a girl who loves to draw :3
Also I love animation movies like Nightmare before christmas, Coraline, corpse bride, the lorax, horton hears a who and loads more.
And I still have a long list of animation movies I need to watch.
I also like Mlp fim and adventure time :3
I would love to learn how to animate, and I even want to do something with it in the future..

Apart from animation movies I also love the harry potter series, the lord of the rings, star wars. the doctor who series and many more :3

I love gaming a lot and my favorite games are Skyrim, oblivion and morrowind, and also the fable series c: But I also like a lot of other games ^^

Also I think I need to learn to draw more than ponies... ><

And I don't know what else to tell you..
I will finish them, don't worry! 
I've just been a bit down lately, and I didn't feel like drawing requests. Just really wanted to draw my own stuff.. 
If I force myself to draw requests they would look bad and rushed, and I don't want to do that. 

I'll draw them all as soon as possible, I promiss. 


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hey. It's been a while.
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:icontturnerohdearplz: THAT'S! THH--Thahhat's---- *gulp* NOWHERE MAN!
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Yes! Someone who recongnizes it :D don't see those a lot .-.
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I don't blame your little sister for loving it :) But I can understand you might hide the DVD sometimes. Had to do that with my sister too, but instead of the Yellow Submarine she just watched Mama Mia over and over and over again.. 
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Digigex90 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey. :3
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Digigex90 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
How are you? :3
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Pretty good, what about you?
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Hello lulu. :3 hadn't talked to you in a while.
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